Metric insights - Push Intelligence for Tableau


Push Intelligence for Tableau


Metric Insights drives user engagement with your Tableau implementation. Help your users cut through the data noise and take action when it counts the most.


Metric Insights works seamlessly with both Tableau Server and Tableau Online



Data-driven Alerting

Extend your Tableau Platform with data-driven alerting. Automatically track significant data changes in Tableau and point your users to the Tableau dashboards that they should focus on. One click hand-off to Tableau lets users jump straight from the email alert to the relevant dashboard.

Email Bursting

Enable enterprise control for report subscriptions. Combine any and all Tableau reports into a single personalized daily digest email for each of your users. Focus users on what’s important by only pushing “what’s changed” in the data that they care about.


Tableau Dashboard Manager

Use Metric Insights as the portal for your Tableau users. Combine dashboards, alerts and collaboration in a single view that provides the complete picture. Users can set their own alerts, favorite metrics that they care about and personalize their environment to their specific needs.



Enterprise Admin Controls

Easily manage the distribution of your Tableau dashboards by using Metric Insights. Set up shared alerts and email bursting on behalf of your users or groups of users, so they start receiving the data that they care about from day one. Users can then easily customize their experience to their specific needs.




Which Tableau products does Metric Insights work with? 

Tableau Server and Tableau Online

How is Metric Insights deployed? 

Metric Insights runs on a separate server from your Tableau instance. It can run on premise in your environment, in a private cloud (e.g., Amazon EC2) or Metric Insights can host it on your behalf (SaaS). Metric Insights does not run on the same server as your Tableau Server.

You can find our server requirements here.

What database is required to run the Metric Insights’ KPI warehouse? 

None. The KPI warehouse is part of our software application and requires no external database to be built and maintained.

How is Metric Insights different from Tableau 8 Subscriptions? 

Metric Insights enhances Tableau 8 Subscriptions. See our detailed blog post here.

I’m looking for a solution to do snapshotting of data in my Tableau Server. Can Metric Insights help?

Yes, Metric Insights does snapshotting for Tableau data. Our KPI warehouse is ideally suited to track any element, or dimensions of an element, over any period of time to see the historical trend, as well as be alerted when significant changes happen.