The Process Orchestration Platform

Enable organizations to automate and optimize the intake of various requests, ensuring that they are efficiently processed and routed to the appropriate channels for further action.

Tonkean Platform Key Solutions

Explore what Tonkean's AI-powered coordination engine can do for you

Tonkean's AI-powered coordination engine intelligently reaches people by learning individual or team preferences and routing alerts, data, or actions to the right place at the right time.

Procurement Works

Intelligently automate the purchasing process end-to-end, streamlining workflows, reducing friction, and enhancing efficiency in procurement operations

Ensure Accuracy

Self-guided intake forms dynamically adapt based on the request, ensuring that every request, no matter how complex, is done right the first time.

Efficient Approval Process

Notify the right approvers and track the status in one place to avoid missing reviews or approvals, enhancing the efficiency of the approval process.

Wide Range of Workflows

Deploy out-of-the-box procurement workflows like PO management, invoice processing, and spend control, and utilize Tonkean's 100% no-code workflow editor to augment processes and create new ones.

Audit Trail

Provide an audit trail of all actions and approvals to mitigate risk, maintain SOX compliance, and ensure audit readiness.

Legal Works

Streamline and automate the legal process by providing a guided experience for legal teams, ensuring compliance, and enhancing operational efficiency within legal operations.

Centralized Request  Gathering

Gather requests from all sources of intake across the organization, enrich request information using available data sources, and triage requests based on type, risk level, and priority.

Automated Information Enrichment

Automatically enrich request information using data sources like Workday to enhance the quality and completeness of information.

AI-Powered Triage

Safely use AI to triage incoming requests based on details such as type, risk level, and priority, enabling efficient handling and routing to the appropriate legal resource.

AI-Enhanced Legal Intake Forms

Utilize AI-enhanced legal intake forms to improve the accuracy and completeness of information gathered during the intake process, reducing manual errors and enhancing risk management.

Use Cases by Department

What’s beyond the key solutions of Procurement and Legal Operations

Tonkean can also solve challenges in HR, Finance, and IT departments by offering tailored automation solutions that streamline operations, reduce manual processes, and enhance efficiency.

HR Operations

Tonkean's workflow designer features adaptive modules that can be added or removed in a drag-and-drop fashion, allowing customers to automate manual steps like triaging finance requests, routing items to team members, and chasing status updates

Employee Onboarding

  1. Automate and streamline the employee onboarding process by guiding new hires through necessary forms, approvals, and information gathering.

Leave Request Management

  1. Efficiently manage leave requests by automating the submission, approval, and tracking processes to ensure compliance and timely responses.

Training and Development Tracking

  1. Automate the tracking of employee training and development activities to ensure compliance with training requirements and enhance workforce development.

Finance Operations

Tonkean's platform can be used to automate manual steps in finance operations, such as triaging finance requests, routing items to team members, and chasing status updates

Invoice Processing

  1. Automate invoice processing workflows to streamline approvals, reduce manual errors, and ensure timely payments to vendors.

Expense Management

  1. Simplify expense reporting and reimbursement processes by automating expense submissions, approvals, and reimbursements for employees.

Budget Tracking

  1. Automate budget tracking processes to monitor expenses, compare actuals against budgets, and generate reports for financial analysis.

IT Operations

Tonkean's workflow automation tools can be extended to deliver use cases in any business operations function, including revenue operations, legal operations, HR operations, finance operations, and IT operations

Ticketing System Automation

  1. Automate ticket creation, assignment, and resolution processes within IT support systems to improve response times and enhance user satisfaction.

Software Deployment Automation

  1. Streamline software deployment processes by automating testing, deployment, and monitoring tasks to ensure efficient software rollouts.

Asset Management Automation

  1. Automate asset tracking and management processes to maintain an accurate inventory of IT assets, track usage, and optimize resource allocation.
Core capabilities

What Makes Tonkean Unique

AI Front Door™

An intelligent and proactive AI-powered entry point for requesters.

No-Code Process Builder

Allows operations teams to customize processes without the need for coding.

Automation Platform

Enables end-to-end automation of processes.

Data Source Integrations

Connects with department tech stacks for seamless integration.

AI & GPT for Operations

Understands unstructured text with AI capabilities.

Guided Intake

Creates a step-by-step custom user experience for processes.

Employee Self-Service

Facilitates self-service options for employees.

Enterprise Governance and Control

Provides governance and control features for enterprise use.

Intelligent Request Classification

Utilizes AI to classify requests intelligently.

Customer Stories

Companies of all sizes around the world use Tonkean


Improving the Patient Experience

Pandemic Response

Created processes that could keep up with the pace of rapid change brought on by the pandemic and would not break when patients needed help the most

Scalable Solutions

Created scalable processes that could adapt to the changing needs of its clients and patients

Instacart enables business teams with no-code

4x Growth

Growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, necessitating more efficient and scalable processes

Increased Efficiency

Increase in efficiency and streamline operations, enabling the company to handle the influx of new customers effectively


How EarnIn Used Tonkean to Scale Its IT Support

4x Growth

EarnIn experienced a 4X growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, necessitating more efficient and scalable processes.

2 Weeks of Implementation

End-to-end support escalation and handling processes across multiple systems, including Intercom, Zendesk, and Slack, using Tonkean.

Create a process experience that works

Maximize adoption, compliance, and efficiency.
Transform your internal processes with powerful AI and personalized experience. 100% no-code.