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RPA Center of Excellence is an investment in mitigating these potential costs and ensuring a more efficient and future-ready organization.

Pain points

Do you recognize these issues?

Consulting session for Automation and Data Processing Platforms

Strategic and Governance Challenges:

Without a clear RPA strategy, you may invest in initiatives with unclear returns and lead to project delays, increased costs, and potential compliance issues.

Skill and Knowledge Gaps:

Knowledge gaps may hinder the organization's ability to leverage RPA for maximum efficiency.

Infrastructure and Operational Inefficiencies:

Inadequate infrastructure can cause downtime, leading to loss of productivity and revenue.

Technological Lag and Innovation Gap:

Falling behind in technology adoption may result in a competitive disadvantage, limiting the organization's ability to adapt to market changes.


Our consulting promise to you

Strategic Guidance and Governance Expertise

Elevate your automation initiatives with a tailored strategy, efficient governance practices, and clear risk mitigation through our comprehensive RPA CoE Services

Skill Empowerment Programs

Empower your workforce for successful RPA implementation with personalized mentoring and training programs.

Comprehensive Infrastructure Management

Building a strong infrastructure is crucial for seamless RPA operations. It not only supports current automation needs but also positions your organization for scalable growth and technological evolution.

Technology Integration and Innovation Support

Integrate intelligent process automation and machine learning into your CoE capabilities.

Our Approach

How we deliver the service

Define Goals

  • Clarify RPA CoE objectives aligned with organizational strategy.

Evaluate Readiness

  • Assess organizational readiness for RPA adoption, considering infrastructure and workforce.

Build Business Case

Create a business case outlining benefits, costs, and expected ROI.

Infrastructure and Team Setup

  • Establish required infrastructure, including servers, and form a dedicated CoE team.

Design Organizational Structure

  • Define CoE organizational structure and roles.

Implement Training Programs

  • Train CoE team and stakeholders for RPA skills and understanding.

Identify and Develop

  • Select initial processes for RPA, develop bots, and conduct testing.

Optimize and UAT

  • Optimize processes, perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and address issues.

Scale and Deploy

  • Plan for scalability, document processes, and deploy RPA at scale.

Analyze and Enhance

  • Analyze process performance, gather feedback, and identify areas for improvement.

Integrate Innovations

  • Stay updated with RPA technologies, integrate innovations, and adapt to evolving needs.

Evaluate Scalability

  • Continuously evaluate scalability requirements and evolve CoE structure accordingly.
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