通過 AI 和自動化驅動影響力的發生

在公部門,自動化已成為一項必然選擇,領導者正在利用 AI 來推動他們關鍵政策的運作

通過 AI 和自動化驅動影響力的發生


Automation has become a mission imperative in the public sector, and leaders are using intelligent technologies like AI to drive value for their mission operations.

At our 2023 AI Summit, experts in automation in the public sector shared their insights on how:

  • Automation and AI can help public sector organizations in their digital transformation journey
  • A modular approach becomes crucial when developing applications to allow for flexibility in vendor selection and scalability
  • Automation and AI can help you scale up capabilities by allowing you to focus on tasks that require human attention

Automation and AI have become essential tools for driving value and achieving mission goals in the public sector. Watch this webinar to learn from experts in the field.