IT Process Automation

Liberate time and mental space for more critical matters. With the assistance of RPA process robots, you can break free from the cycle of endless problem-solving and fully support the CEO's annual strategic objectives

IT Process Automation


It's Time to Reinvent IT Processes with RPA

You may be supporting RPA programs in other departments, and you know the benefits of automation

Why not bring the efficiency, speed and scalability of automation to your own IT operations?

IT Process Automation Task Process Automation

Not just to reduce the effectiveness

Free up time for new strategic goals

You will reduce 80% ITSM processing time, 92% host migration time, 85% cloud vulnerability management processing time

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13:50-14:00 Entrants can be ready online!

14:00-14:05 Event Introduction

14:05-14:20 Frequently Asked Questions on the RPA Introduction Journey and Stages

2:20-2:45 p.m.

Top 2 Task Flow Automation Loved by IT Units (UiPath Mike)

  • Account Lifecycle Management Automation
  • Security and SecOps Automation

14:45-14:50 Q&A Interactive Q&A

14:50-15:05 How RPA Can Help Businesses Accelerate ESG Goals (Net Zero Sustainability Consultant)

15:05-15:10 Event Limited Offer Announcement, Next Event Sharing


Mike Tsai

UiPath Taiwan Product Technical Consultant

Alpha Wu

NetZero4ever Net Zero Sustainability Consultant