Alteryx AI Platform for Enterprise Analytics

A unified approach to analytics, data science, and process automation.

 Alteryx Platform Core Capabilities

Unify and Automate Analytics From Data to Outcomes

Alteryx AI Platform for Enterprise Analytics empowers your organization with automated data preparation, AI-powered analytics, and approachable machine learning

Enable Self-Service Data Preparation, Blending, and Enrichment

Analysts, data engineers, and data scientists can speed up raw data to insight through interactive and no-code/low-code preparation.

Alteryx Designer

Access any data source — big or small, in the cloud or on-premises and Create repeatable, interactive processes with 300+ drag-and-drop automation building blocks

Alteryx Designer Cloud

Enable self-service analytics and create workflows in the Cloud to empower everyone to transform data into business insights in one unified platform, accessible from anywhere, at any time.

Analytics, Reporting, and Geospatial

Location Intelligence  

Use cloud-based geospatial analytics to become more resilient, to optimize operations and improve location-based decision making.

Automated Machine Learning

Build trusted models quickly with built-in feature libraries

Intelligence Suite

Text mining and predictive modelling for Designer users, Whether you’re a beginner or expert, you can unlock hidden insights in your semi-structured and unstructured data.

Automated Insight Generation and Exploration

Alteryx Server

Scale, share, and automate your analytic processes

Alteryx Auto Insights

Surface hidden signals in your data that would have gone unnoticed in traditional visualization tools

Alteryx Connect

Collaborate across departments and keeps all your assets, workflows, apps, and more governed and organized

Cloud Execution for Desktop

Save, schedule and execute workflows built in Designer with the Alteryx Analytics Cloud


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Alteryx ranked 3rd on G2's 2024 list of the Best Analytics Products

Analytics solutions for departments 

Alteryx 賦予各部門,包括財務、行銷、銷售、人力資源、營運和 IT,可以根據數據驅動決策,並在整個組織範圍內實現營運卓越

Calculators. Spreadsheets. Now Alteryx.

Unlock Next-Level Efficiency: Transform Tax, Accounting, Audit, and FP&A with Alteryx

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

  1. Reclaim countless hours spent on data extraction, cleaning, and record-keeping with Alteryx. Automate accounting tasks such as reconciliation, journal entries, and month-end closing for streamlined Accounting Analytics.

Tax Analytics Automation

  1. Alteryx can help reduce penalties by increasing accuracy and creating a complete audit trail, making tax processes more efficient and less error-prone.
    • Sales tax reporting
    • Income tax provision compliance
    • Fixed asset depreciation
    • R&D calculations
    • Sales apportionment

Audit Automation

  1. Alteryx can help auditors save time and reduce manual work by automating repetitive tasks, such as data cleansing and formatting, and by providing pre-populated workflows for
    • Population Testing
    • Substantive testing
    • Risk analysis calculations
    • Compliance documentation
    • Internal control testing

Finance Operations Analytics

  1. Support operational performance analysis at banks through the use of Tableau Embedded Analytics.

BI / Analytics/ Data Science

Enterprise Data Consolidation

  1. Consolidating to a single repository ensures consistency and accuracy for all users who base their decisions on data. With Alteryx, you can:
    • Create a Designer workflow that connects to multiple data sources like Snowflake, Salesforce and MongoDB, and maintain it with Data Connection Manager (DCM)
    • Create a transparent process that blends data and applies business rules automatically
    • Schedule an extract-transform-load (ETL) process that runs hourly to populate, consolidate and update your data repository

Analytics Project Impact Analysis

  1. Companies can maximize the impact of analytics projects by A/B testing the dashboards they create, then making changes based on results. With Alteryx, you can:
    • Launch a new dashboard in limited release and give different versions to different groups of users
    • Track impact of unique designs and features to understand which version users like best
    • Consolidate usage data after A/B testing and use the Data Investigation toolkit to analyze which design decisions matter most to users

Supply Chain Analytics

Predict & Optimize Inventory

  1. Optimize inventory and identify predicted order and exhaust dates to predict purchasing behavior while reducing bottom-line costs and increasing top-line revenue.

Forecast Demand

  1. Leverage advanced analytics and machine learning to improve demand forecasting by predicting customer spending. Quickly gain insights by outputting the results into visualizations to act on and quickly gain buy-in from leadership.

Predictive Maintenance

  1. Improve machine and asset uptime to support better customer outcomes.
What Sets Alteryx Apart

Alteryx's Core Features Over the Long Term

No-Code/Low-Code Approach:

Enable users of varying technical backgrounds to efficiently work with data, reducing the barrier to entry for advanced analytics and data preparation.

Comprehensive Data Integration:

Allow users to connect, blend, and enrich data from diverse sources, providing a holistic view for more informed decision-making.

Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Interface:

Simplify complex data workflows, making it easy for users to design, automate, and visualize data processes without extensive coding.

End-to-End Automation:

Enable users to automate repetitive tasks, workflows, and data processes, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced time-to-insight.

Advanced Analytics and Generative AI Integration:

The introduction of generative AI features like Alteryx AiDIN enhances the platform's capabilities by infusing AI and ML across the Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform for intelligent decision-making acceleration

Enterprise-Grade Scalability:

Support organizations with growing data needs while maintaining performance, security, and governance at scale.

Collaborative Workflows:

Allow the creation and sharing of workflows, fostering a collaborative environment for data preparation, analysis, and decision-making.

Extensibility with Code-Free Tools and SDKs:

Allow users to customize and extend their analytics capabilities without the need for advanced coding skills.

Cloud Compatibility and Flexibility:

Alteryx is compatible with cloud platforms such as Adobe, AWS, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, Snowflake, and Tableau, providing flexibility in deployment options and enabling users to leverage cloud resources for scalability and accessibility.

Transform Your Business 
with Alteryx

Transform your business with Alteryx