One Unified Platform for Generative and Predictive AI

DataRobot has been acknowledged as a leader in AI and ML platforms in the most recent Forrester Wave assessment. Notably, it boasts defense-grade security, earning recognition from U.S. regulatory agencies. Its trustworthiness is further emphasized by its adoption by the world's largest retailers, foremost automotive manufacturers, and the top three banks and insurance companies in the United States.

DataRobot's Key Capabilities Across Platforms

The Platform for Generative and Predictive AI

DataRobot provides comprehensive capabilities in both generative and predictive AI, featuring built-in and up-to-date models with certifications from over a hundred Kaggle competitions. It supports numerous open architectures, reducing model development time. Additionally, it automates the entire process of deployment and maintenance, enabling businesses to respond swiftly to market changes.

Automated Modeling Deployment

The traditional method of creating data models and prediction engines, solely identifying the model that best matches historical data patterns, often takes 2-3 months or more. DataRobot's core technology, Model Blueprint, includes over a hundred models certified by the Kaggle platform, enabling automatic ranking of models to shorten the most time-consuming model training and tuning steps.
Through the core technology of Model Blueprint, you can clearly understand:

Which algorithms and parameter combinations were used to simulate historical data?

What different preprocessing steps were applied to the original data by different algorithms? What different feature engineering was done?

How is the final recommended best model (The blender models) derived from the weighted averaging of individual models?

Govern with Full Visibility

Unify your AI landscape, teams, and workflows for full visibility and oversight at scale.Maintain full AI oversight and govern AI efforts at scale. Unify your AI landscape, teams, and workflows. Consolidate AI assets in a unified registry to manage risk, comply with regulatory requirements, and control access or changes to production models.

Register and Manage

Audit and Approve

Document and Comply

Build AI with Agility

Innovate rapidly with an open AI ecosystem that gives you the freedom to adapt as needs evolve.Accelerate how you build and deploy AI using seamless workflows for both generative and predictive AI. Choose from best-of-breed components with our open AI ecosystem that gives you the freedom to adapt as your needs evolve.

Analyze and Transform

Train and Tune

Compose and Compare

Turnkey Ecosystem Integrations

Get the most value from AI with all components working together across the platform to drive tangible ROI.  Use your preferred data, APIs, tooling, and apps – and deploy with flexibility.




Acumulated successful delivery of over 100M AI projects across industries


Served 1000+ clients, including Fortune 50 companies


Over 10 years of continuous platform innovation and real case introduction experience

DataRobot Empowers Industries to Start Applying AI

By leveraging generative and predictive AI to quickly grasp customer needs and manage risks more accurately

Financial Service

The adoption of AI technology in the financial industry enhances business agility, innovation, and improves risk management and customer experience, gaining a competitive edge in a fiercely competitive market. DataRobot, trusted by 8 out of the top 10 U.S. banks and 4 of the top 10 global banks, assists clients in adapting to rapidly changing market conditions.

Common AI applications in the insurance industry include

  1. Reducing customer churn
  2. Lowering litigation risks
  3. Improving fraud detection rates
  4. Early identification of subrogation possibilities

For investment banks, AI applications encompass

  1. Asset management
  2. Identifying optimal investors for IPO projects
  3. Predicting customer merger and acquisition activities
  4. Managing customer friction risks

In the banking sector

  1. Prevalent AI applications involve more accurate credit ratings
  2. Real-time prevention of financial crimes
  3. Enhanced customer experience
  4. Optimization of cash flow management, predicting new loan demands, prepayment speeds, ATM cash levels, and more.


AI in manufacturing achieves operational excellence, reduces downtime, improves quality, enhances customer satisfaction, lowers costs, and spurs innovation. DataRobot, trusted by six of the top ten global manufacturers, offers a powerful AI platform for quick experimentation, deployment, and real-time insights.

Key AI Applications in Manufacturing:

Material Composition Optimization

  1. AI optimizes material composition for increased efficiency, quality, cost savings, risk management, and innovation.

Anomaly Detection and Quality Control

  1. Utilizing data, including sensor inputs, and refining information with large language models improves quality management throughout production.

Predictive Maintenance

  1. AI predicts unplanned downtime, optimizing maintenance schedules and providing forecasts for MTBF, MTTR, and OEE.

Production Yield Optimization

  1. Predicting inventory at each production stage optimizes EOQ and EQP.

Healthcare and Life Science

AI in healthcare streamlines services for efficiency, precision, and personalization, reducing costs and boosting overall outcomes. DataRobot, trusted by 7 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies and 2 of the top 10 healthcare providers globally, stands as a leading AI platform. Ensuring compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, DataRobot's solutions enhance security in data processing and model applications.

Key AI Applications:

Hospitalization/Readmission Prediction

  1. AI predicts patient hospitalization/readmission, optimizing resource allocation.

Patient Risk Stratification/Undiagnosed Diseases

  1. AI identifies and stratifies patient risks, addressing undiagnosed diseases effectively.

ADMET Prediction

  1. AI forecasts drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, and toxicity, improving drug development.

Large-Scale Population Studies

  1. AI conducts extensive studies on patient populations, identifying and analyzing risk factors for better disease understanding and treatment optimization.
Unique Features and Core Capabilities

DataRobot accelerates AI implementation from concept to impact

The DataRobot AI platform stands out for its automated end-to-end machine learning capabilities, simplifying the entire lifecycle for users with diverse professional backgrounds and expertise.

AutoML (Automatic Machine Learning)

DataRobot's AutoML streamlines feature engineering, model building, training, and application without requiring an in-depth understanding of data science.

Extensive Algorithm Support

With Kaggle-certified models, DataRobot supports a broad array of algorithms, automatically ranking model performance for users to explore and find the best-fit solution.

Model Interpretability

Leveraging generative AI, DataRobot explains machine learning predictions, enhancing interpretability, overcoming algorithm "Black Box" concerns, and providing credible insights.

Document Automation

Core technology, Model Blueprint, generates comprehensive documentation for each step, aiding understanding and creating an internal knowledge base.

Diverse Model Deployment Options

DataRobot supports deploying models to various cloud providers (AWS, Azure, GCP) or local environments. It enables seamless updates to model export, API integration, automated deployment workflows, and integration with CI/CD pipelines.

Collaboration and Management

Features include project and collaboration spaces, user permissions, model sharing, annotations, integration with tools like Slack and Jira, and version control for models and projects.

Time Series and Forecasting

Automated time series feature engineering, optimal selection of time series models, unique evaluation metrics, automated time series cross-validation, and integration of external variables enhance forecasting.


DataRobot MLOps ensures continuous learning for AI applications, allowing models to adapt to changing conditions and maintain accuracy.

Customer Stories

Real success stories achieved with DataRobot

Financial Services

Citi Ventures fuels growth by adopting DataRobot to gain customer retention insights and improve credit underwriting


of the modeling process automated


More productive


Reduces Anti-Money Laundering False Positive Alerts by 22%


Less alert volume

1 day

to create models, instead of weeks


Leading Turkish cement maker turned to AI for process optimization


Annual cost reduction


Increase the use of alternative energy

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