The Global Leader in Visual Analytics

Consistently positioned as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for 11 consecutive years. Tableau stands as the top choice for over 80,000 global enterprises, including industry giants like Google and Amazon.

Tableau's Full Spectrum of Products and Capabilities

Tableau equips you with Prep Builder, Desktop, and Cloud tools for swift data preparation and analysis. Seamlessly manage large-scale data through Server, Data Management, and Advanced Management. Unlock deep data insights with AI-driven features like Tableau Pulse and Tableau AI.

Streamlined Data Preparation and Analysis

Ensuring data quality, improving analytical accuracy, and ultimately supporting organizations in making precise and informed decisions in dynamic environments.

Tableau Prep Builder

Combine, shape, and clean your data faster

Tableau Desktop

Insights at the speed of business

Tableau Cloud

Empower smarter decisions with fast, flexible, easy analytics

Robust Data Management at Scale

Effective management mechanisms ensure data accuracy and consistency, elevating the trustworthiness of data as the foundation for decision-making. Simultaneously, they safeguard data security and compliance with regulations.

Tableau Server

Governed self-service analytics at scale

Tableau Data Management

Discover, understand, connect, and trust your data

Tableau Advanced Management

Manage, secure, and scale mission-critical analytics

AI-Infused Data Insights

Faster, more comprehensive, accurate, and profound understanding of data enhances the competitiveness and decision-making efficacy of enterprises.

Tableau Pulse

AI-powered insights to scale data-driven decision-making.

Tableau AI

Propel your data culture with generative AI.


Tableau has been leading the way for 11 straight years according to Gartner


The Tableau user community is huge, boasting over a million members worldwide.


Tableau has been named the #1 Analytics Product in the G2 2024 Best Software Awards.

Analytics solutions for departments

Tableau is focused on one thing: helping users visualize and comprehend data. Any business can harness the power of data to enhance the capabilities of its employees.

Financial Analytics

The purpose of financial analysis is to enhance business efficiency, mitigate risks, and make strategic decisions through data insights. Tableau aids in visualizing and interpreting financial data, providing a clear understanding of transactions, optimizing operational performance, and facilitating informed decision-making, ultimately contributing to the overall success of the organization.

Audit Risk and Compliance Analytics

  1. Goal: Execute faster audits, proactively identify risks, and ensure compliance. Approach: Utilize analytical tools to achieve more efficient audit processes.

Treasury and Cash Flow Management

  1. Gain a clear view of transactions, collaborate with finance partners, reduce risk, and enhance organizational efficiency through the right analytics platform.

Revenue and Pricing Analytics

  1. Improve revenue and pricing efficiency through insightful analysis.

Finance Operations Analytics

  1. Support operational performance analysis at banks through the use of Tableau Embedded Analytics.

Supply Chain Analytics

Supply chain analysis optimizes operations through data analysis. Real-time monitoring, demand forecasting, and cost-benefit analysis improve efficiency, cut costs, and enhance risk response. Collaboration and visualization foster cooperation, ensuring smooth operations with transparent insights for stakeholders. With Tableau, you can shorten the time for real-time data decision-making by 26% and increase employee productivity by 29%. Applied in the following areas:

Shipment Logistics

  1. Logistics managers can use this Accelerator to better understand shipment logistics and deliver to customers on time.

Sales and Margin

  1. Sales results and sales profitability (or margin) with expert-level analyses for customer segmentation, and more.


  1. Inventory managers can use this Accelerator to better understand stock positions, inventory value, missing stock, and stock surplus.

Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics is vital for informed decision-making and predictable revenue, enabling businesses to evaluate performance, understand incentive impacts, and optimize strategies; Tableau facilitates this by providing a comprehensive, actionable, and visually intuitive platform for leveraging sales data effectively.

Performance Evaluation

  1. Track and measure sales performance against quotas and past quarter sales.

Incentive Impact Analysis

  1. Model commission rates and explore relationships between compensation type, commission, and quota attainment.

Predictable Revenue

  1. Adjust forecasts and de-risk pipelines to achieve targets, even in changing customer demand scenarios.

Holistic Business Health

  1. Connect data from various sources to understand overall business health in a single view.

Sales Territory Planning

  1. Optimize sales territory planning using Tableau's geospatial functionality to create custom territories.

IT Analytics

IT Analytics is crucial for informed decision-making and proactive management of IT systems. It provides actionable insights into ticket tracking, cloud spending, utilization monitoring, and visualization of IT applications.

Ticket Tracking

  1. Gain insights into ownership, project status, and areas for improvement by connecting to ServiceNow. Interact with dashboards to track case status dynamically.

Cloud Spend Analysis

  1. Aggregate billing data from multiple vendors into a single dashboard, providing a comprehensive view of costs across the organization and within departments.

Utilization Monitoring

  1. Receive data-driven alerts on Tableau Server when systems approach capacity limits, enabling proactive measures to prevent outages and minimize interruptions.

IT Applications Visualization

  1. Analyze incidents, requests, and trends seamlessly with a native connection to Tableau, enhancing visibility and understanding of IT processes.

Marketing Analytics

Leveraging marketing analytics empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, improve campaign effectiveness, understand customer needs better, optimize budgets, and stay ahead of the competition by harnessing valuable insights from data analysis.

Marketing leadership KPI dashboard

  1. Track marketing KPIs and set data-driven alerts.

Marketing campaign activity calendar

  1. See your campaign activities in detail.

Blog performance by page views

  1. Set goals and track blog performance over time.

Digital marketing campaign performance

  1. Explore trends and see how campaigns perform across channels by segment and date.
What Sets Tableau Apart

Tableau's Core Features Over the Long Term

Tableau's roots stem from doctoral research at Stanford University's "Computer Graphics" lab, emerging as an innovative software at the convergence of three major fields: "Database + Computer Graphics + Human-Computer Interaction." The ultimate mission of Tableau is to make data understandable to everyone: "Help People See and Understand their Data." Below are the core functional highlights of Tableau


A patented database interaction language that doesn't require programming skills. Users' mouse drag actions are directly translated into SQL or MDX database query languages, a key enabler of Visual Analytics.

Integrated Salesforce Einstein Technology

Leveraging machine learning techniques, providing predictions and recommendations, allowing users to build powerful predictive models without writing algorithms.

Unique Geographic Analysis Capability

Enhanced mapping analysis for quick global insights. Tableau's leading spatial geographic analysis capabilities enable users to easily understand the relationship between "location" and "cause," while maintaining high-performance analytics.

Automated Color and Graphic Selection

A dedicated team at Tableau researches the interactive relationship between "human visual perception" and "Tableau products," aiming to assist users in "how to grasp the essence in the shortest time."

Explain Data

Interpret data to quickly identify the "reasons" behind facts. Leveraging machine learning technology to help users find the "reasons" behind facts more quickly, expanding perspectives on data interpretation.

Support for Over 80 Data Sources

Including SQL databases, multidimensional datasets, data warehouses, Excel, CSV, PDF, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and more cloud applications. Tableau offers real-time connections to understand the latest data status.

Our Partnership with Tableau

The First and Seasoned Tableau Partner in Taiwan

Established as Tableau's inaugural partner in Taiwan in 2012, we have been pioneers in crafting Tableau user training programs. Beyond software distribution, our focus is guiding users to harness data for daily decision-making, aiding businesses in achieving their goals of data-driven decision support and agile responsiveness.

Taiwan Partner awarded Tableau Greater China Partner of the Year
Year of experience of training Tableau users
Customer have long-term relationship with us
Our Services

Taiwan's Premier Tableau Training Partner

Our portfolio features beginner and advanced Tableau Desktop training, along with the exclusive Tableau Server Administrator training, the only public offering of its kind in Taiwan.


Tableau Desktop Basic Training

Gain a comprehensive understanding of Tableau Desktop operations from scratch in a 12-hour course. Develop the skills to swiftly create classic business charts through intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.


Tableau Desktop Advanced Training

Master complex calculations and data visualization in 12 hours, ideal for users with at least 6 months of experience.


Tableau Server Administrator Training and Consulting Service

In a groundbreaking 12-hour course, we systematically teach you how to install, upgrade, and maintain Tableau Server. Taught by hands-on instructors recognized by Tableau for a decade.


Tableau License Distribution and Management

Assisting you in understanding three distinct licensing models and facilitating the planning and effective management of Tableau software licenses.

Customer Stories

Real success stories achieved with Tableau


Tableau Enables Kdan Mobile Employees at All Levels to Make Data-Driven Decisions, Positively Impacting Profits


improvement in efficiency monitoring advertising and monetization models


reduction in time spent on weekly and monthly reporting


Lenovo India branch boosted the overall reporting efficiency of the entire enterprise by 95%.


Improvement in data efficiency spanning 28 countries/regions


Integration of 30 different data sources to create a unique dashboard


Tableau 助力亞東紀念醫院實現疫情期間院內「零感染」

Our Approach

How we work with you


Understanding Different Licensing Models

Automate repetitive tasks with software robots, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual effort.


Choosing the Appropriate Licensing Type

Tableau offers different types of licenses, such as Creator, Explorer, and Viewer, each with distinct features and pricing points. Select the licensing type that best suits your user requirements.


Understanding Purchasing and Activating Product Keys Licensing Models

After acquiring the necessary licenses, you'll need to activate the corresponding product keys on the Tableau Customer Portal. We ensure that you understand how to activate product keys to enable the associated features.


User Management

Ensure that every user accessing resources on Tableau Server has the appropriate license. Learn how to add users and manage their permissions to ensure compliance.


Educate Users

Provide comprehensive training to enhance user’s data literacy skills and maximize the benefits of Tableau.

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