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UiPath Platform Capabilities

Everything you need to discover, automate, and operate your business processes end to end.

UiPath is a globally recognized leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It's an AI-driven business automation platform, consistently ranked at the top in the industry. UiPath helps businesses automate a wide range of processes, delivering a strong return on investment.

Discover Opportunities

You can automate complex business processes and find out what's possible to free up your employee's time for more strategic tasks by continually identifying and refining potential RPA process automation opportunities through built-in AI.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of everything happening within processes.

Uncover opportunities for efficient operations through the analysis of employee tasks.

Discover opportunities to enhance customer satisfaction from service dialogues.

Centrally collect and manage the entire automation lifecycle, prioritizing based on ROI decisions.

Automate More

You are not limited to automating a few process types, instead, you can optimize  a wider variety of process types through built-in AI or API integration to maximize ROI

Rapidly automate processes using low-code design tools.

Choose different types of bots based on business requirements.

Automate document processes through intelligent document recognition.

Easily integrate AI and machine learning models into automation.

Task communication channel in human-robot collaboration mode.

Achieve larger-scale automation across diverse systems through UI and API integration.

Supercharge Productivity

You are not limited to automating a few process types, instead, you can optimize  a wider variety of process types through built-in AI or API integration to maximize ROI

Built-in effectiveness assessment tools measure RPA operational efficiency.

Centrally deploy and manage enterprise robot employees.

AI-powered rapid planning, design, and management of automation testing.

Centrally manage the quality, reuse, and security of automation development projects.

Instantly activate the complete UiPath automation technology platform through cloud deployment.

Install all tools at once, centrally manage all resources, and receive full support from UiPath.


in a row acknowledged by Forrester Wave


in a row acknowledged by Forrester Wave


would recommend from Gartner Peer Insights 2023


government agencies with defense-grade security have adopted

Cross-Industry Universal Processes by Department

UiPath is a globally recognized leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It's an AI-driven business automation platform, consistently ranked at the top in the industry. UiPath helps businesses automate a wide range of processes, delivering a strong return on investment.

Finance and Accounting

Procure-to-Pay (P2P)

  1. Vendor creation, requisition, PO generation and management, payment process, reporting, invoice processing.

Order-to-Cash (O2C)

  1. Quote management, cash application, customer creation, credit check.

Record-to-Report (R2R)

  1. General ledger/cross-company consolidated reporting, bank reconciliation, fixed assets, closing, consolidated reporting.



  1. 尋找候選員工、篩選、管理職前驗證、開發與延後錄取資料、新員工入職、在系統中設定新員工、管理員工離職等


  1. 管理新入職員工介紹與訓練、建立和管理報告等


  1. 管理合規性、管理出席率與時間


  1. 管理薪酬、管理福利行政、管理獎勵和認可

管理 HR 服務台

  1. 服務員工查詢、徵求員工回饋


售前計畫 Planning

  1. 銷售預測的外部資料收集與報告、需求規劃、供應商規劃、銷售和營運對帳

來源控管 Source

  1. 供應商調查與選擇、目錄管理、P-card 使用者管理、補貨訂單、採購訂單管理、貨物收據監控

生產製造 Make

  1. 先導測試、規模生產、品質檢查

物流運送 Deliver

  1. 物流運送進度追蹤與通知、訂單管理、RMA逆向物流

售後服務 After Market

  1. 服務合約管理、保修管理、客戶服務、備品管理

IT 服務管理


  1. 測試應用程式套件與特性、執行單元測試、回歸測試、軟體品質保證測試、管理服務派送、執行資料庫管理、管理增強維護流程、執行預防性和糾正性維護


  1. 工作排程、管理網路安全、部署內容過濾/防火牆與病毒軟體、更新操作文件和程式庫、監控遠端管理、執行使用者管理、提供工作台服務、管理事件反應


  1. 多重身份驗證、批次作業處理、電子郵件處理與分發、密碼重置與解鎖、備份與還原、網路和裝置分析



  1. 合約起草


  1. 合約歸檔、條款摘要


  1. 新人錄取入職手續、發票管理與調閱、資料電子化、跑流程、案例管理、推薦


  1. 法律保留、文件收集、處理資料、衝突檢查


  1. 資料收集、處理審查、調查生成、調查簡報


  1. KYC、內部合規、第三方風險管理、合規性調查
Unique features and Core capabilities

What Makes UiPath Keep Maintaining its Market Leadership

By leveraging these unique features and core capabilities, UiPath delivers a comprehensive automation solution that drives efficiency, productivity, innovation, and resilience in corporate environments.

Implementation Speed

UiPath outpaces competitors with robots capable of real-time adjustments, making it 3 to 4 times faster than current RPA products. This ensures high- precision automation and broad integration options for enhanced overall efficiency

Attended and Unattended Automation

UiPath offers both attended and unattended automation, a versatile RPA platform tailored for individual enterprises. This flexibility allows efficient robot deployment, minimizing operational costs while maximizing efficiency.

Multi-Tenancy and Cost Efficiency

Reduces task costs and maximizes operational efficiency, enabling global use of the same UiPath instance. This cost-effective approach enhances operational efficiency and reduces overall automation costs.

Citrix Desktop Architecture

UiPath focuses on security, compliance, and governance, ensuring secure automation processes within Citrix environments. Features like role-based access controls, encryption, and Veracode-certified code enhance data protection.

Ease of Use

UiPath's intuitive platform empowers users without extensive technical knowledge to easily automate tasks, promoting adoption and enabling employees to focus on strategic tasks like innovation and customer interaction.


With intelligent scaling through features like Orchestrator, UiPath ensures efficient automation deployment, enabling businesses to handle varying workloads effectively while maintaining operational rigor.

Innovative Platform Releases

UiPath's continuous innovation, including Automation Ops and AI-powered capabilities, allows businesses to efficiently manage high-scale deployments, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.

Strategic Acquisitions

Strategic acquisitions like Cloud Elements and StepShot expand UiPath's operations, gain new customers, and enhance the automation platform's connectivity options and documentation capabilities, providing a comprehensive solution for clients.

Technology Partnerships

Collaborations with tech providers like Tableau enable UiPath to leverage data effectively, enhance integration capabilities, and offer customers a broader range of tailored automation solutions.

PGI and UiPath partnership

PGi – Trusted UiPath Partner

We are proud to be recognized as a UiPath Implementation Gold Partner, and our partnership with UiPath enhances our capacity to deliver high-quality automation solutions to our valued clients. This collaboration underscores our ongoing commitment to building expertise in the field of automation.

of processes have been automated
of projects have been delivered
of customers achieve their business goal with our solution
Our Services

Explore Our Automation Services

PGi offers a well-rounded automation ecosystem that caters to various aspects of process improvement and helps our clients achieve comprehensive, efficient, and intelligent automation solutions.


UiPath Consulting and Implementation Development

Assists PMO departments in outlining future RPA operational blueprints, along with overall deployment services, and provides regular technical consultations.


UiPath StudioX Training

Includes hands-on exercises, package usage, logic decision-making, basic Excel package operations, etc.


UiPath Studio Training

Provides participants with basic knowledge and hands-on experience in RPA to consider the feasibility of automating daily work processes. Includes hands-on exercises, variable settings, Selector learning, loop operations, etc.


UiPath Process Awareness Workshop

After initial exposure to RPA, start exploring and discussing automation processes beneficial to departments. Group sessions are conducted by the department, with each group discussing and identifying 3 automatable processes on the same day.


UiPath CoE Consultation

Explains CoE system architecture and provides consultation to assist in planning based on the CoE system architecture blueprint.


UiPath Orchestrator Implementation

Provides guidance and consultation on OC implementation/installation/usage methods.


UiPath with Document Understanding Service Implementation

Specifically designed for scenarios where enterprises handle "semi-structured & unstructured documents," offering consultation and development services for implementing UiPath's Intelligent Document Understanding solution.

Customer Stories

Companies of all sizes around the world use UiPath

Financial Services

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Uses Automation for a new approach to transformation


hours saved between 2018 to 2021 through operational efficiency improvements


processes automated across the enterprise


Siemens GBS utilizes UiPath to achieve better business optimization for back-end systems


data items processed per robot per year


efficiency improvement


Global chemical company Clariant utilizes UiPath to automate its accounts payable processes


Invoices processed per month with UiPath Robots


Printouts saved per quarter

Our approach

How we work with you

Define Objectives and Scope

Document a list of processes suitable for automation based on criteria like rule-based, repetitive, and high-volume tasks, and Application changes if any.

Assemble a Cross-Functional Team

  • Conduct a detailed analysis of selected processes to understand inputs, outputs, dependencies, and exceptions. Create process flowcharts to visualize the steps.

Map Current Processes

  • Define the required infrastructure (e.g., servers, software) for the RPA implementation.

Collect Data

  • Design the bot architecture, including the number of bots needed, their roles, and communication protocols.

Training in the use of processes

  • 讓使用者知道流程的操作方式以及簡單故障排除

適合內部有 IT 或 Power User 的公司


  • 選定 2-3 個流程,將平日的操作錄製下來


確定流程最後步驟與專案規模後,部門流程將交由 PGi 開發,流程分階段測試與驗收


  • 講解已開發上線之流程如何編寫,以利後續的自行維護

適合公司有IT 人員且對資訊系統掌握度高

UiPath 教育訓練

  • 教育訓練加快工具學習減少摸索


  • 與 PGi 技術顧問預約特定時間,諮詢自行開發期間遇到的問題,PGi 技術顧問將協助解決或代為開發流程片段


  • 了解企業導入 RPA 的目標策略與方法


  • 以 RPA 介紹大會、座談會、研討會的形式進行


  • 以讀書會,定期或不定期的方式進行


  • 結合 PGi 與 UiPath 原廠資源分享客戶/市場/產品的案例與新知


  • 分享自己開發的流程互相交流

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