AI Success Series

If you're still looking for inspiration on how to leverage AI to address critical business challenges, these two classic cases will provide you with direct insights!

AI Success Series


If you're still looking for how to use AI to solve important problems in your company's business, these two classic scenarios will give you direct inspiration!

We invited former Apple Supply Chain Analyst, McKinsey Senior AI Consultant, Google Data Scientist,Now DataRobot Asia-Pacific Chief Data Scientist Wang Ting DeanTo personally explain to Taiwanese companies the pain points, thinking directions and concrete results of these two well-known companies:

  • Why does Lenovo Group need to predict sales with AI in the Brazilian market?After using DataRobot, annual sales jumped to the Brazilian market Top1?
  • OYAK, the largest cement manufacturer in Turkey, did not have specific AI questions and threads to begin with. How can we borrow DataRobot?

You will know in 15 minutes

How these two top companies are doing the following three things with the DataRobot platform

  1. Quickly find the best topics
  2. Utilize a variety of modeling methods
  3. Implementation from AutoML to MLops