ReconArt and PGi Announce Partnership

ReconArt and PGi Announce Partnership

June 10, 2024

ReconArt, a market-leading provider of data reconciliation technology, and PGi Technology Solutions, a reputable consultant in business process automation, have announced a strategic partnership to provide a comprehensive and powerful account reconciliation automation solution to joint customers.


ReconArt's automated transaction matching and period-end close software streamlines financial reconciliations, enabling businesses to remove inefficient manual operations and enhance financial reporting accuracy. Introduced to the market in 2011, ReconArt has swiftly gained the trust of prominent US banks and now serves a global client base across diverse industries and sizes.


PGi, with its expertise in business process automation, has a footprint in Taiwan and Singapore, serving over 300 + enterprise customers. The consultancy empowers its clients to transform their finance and accounting operations through data-driven decision-making and streamlined workflows. PGi's technical consultants, specializing in high-tech manufacturing, financial services, retail, transportation, and logistics, possess the ability to swiftly understand customer needs, provide insightful recommendations, and guide successful implementation.

ReconArt x PGi

Through this alliance, ReconArt and PGi combine their strengths to deliver a comprehensive automation solution that addresses the evolving account reconciliation needs of modern businesses. Sharing customers can confidently reimagine their reconciliation processes by combining ReconArt's market-leading data reconciliation technology with PGi's deep consultancy expertise in Intelligent process automation.

The ReconArt and PGi joint offering allows prospective customers to leverage the tools and expertise they need to achieve financial reconciliation excellence. Together, ReconArt and PGi are shaping the future of account reconciliation automation, ensuring that businesses of all sizes in the Asia Pacific region can reap the benefits of transformative business solutions.

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