Tonkean and PGi Announce Strategic Partnership to Boost Digital Transformation in Asia-Pacific

Tonkean and PGi Announce Strategic Partnership to Boost Digital Transformation in Asia-Pacific

June 10, 2024

Singapore, 20th Feb 2024 – Tonkean Inc., a leader in AI-powered process orchestration for enterprises, and PGi Technology Solutions, a global information technology and business process services provider, have announced a strategic partnership to accelerate digital transformation in the Asia-Pacific region.

This collaboration leverages Tonkean's advanced AI-driven process orchestration technology and PGi's extensive industry expertise to help organizations streamline, personalize, and orchestrate complex business processes more efficiently.

Enhanced Orchestration Capabilities for Asia-Pacific Organizations

By integrating Tonkean's no-code process orchestration platform with PGi's comprehensive IT services, businesses in the Asia-Pacific region can now access advanced process automation solutions tailored to their specific needs. This integration will empower companies to improve operational efficiency and reduce workflow complexities.

Localized Support and Seamless Services

Clients in the Asia-Pacific region will benefit from dedicated local support and services, ensuring smooth implementation and ongoing assistance. This localized approach guarantees a seamless experience as organizations adopt and integrate new process orchestration solutions.

Scalable Automation Solutions for Dynamic Markets

The combined expertise of Tonkean and PGI provides scalable and adaptable automation solutions designed to meet the evolving demands of dynamic business environments. These solutions will enable organizations to grow and adapt quickly, staying competitive in an ever-changing market.

Strategic Expansion in the Asia-Pacific Market

This partnership underscores both companies' commitment to expanding their presence in the Asia-Pacific region. Together, they aim to help more enterprises orchestrate complex workflows, enhance business productivity, and drive digital transformation.

Leadership Comments on the Strategic Partnership

"We are thrilled to partner with Tonkean to deliver robust automation solutions to our clients in the Asia-Pacific region," said William Su, President of PGi.

This collaboration reinforces our commitment to driving digital transformation and enhancing operational efficiencies for businesses across industries.

"Tonkean is excited to join forces with PGi to bring the power of AI-powered process orchestration to organizations in the Asia-Pacific region," said Sagi Eliyahu, CEO and co-founder of Tonkean.

By combining our orchestration technology with PGI's industry knowledge, we aim to create significant value for businesses seeking to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

About Tonkean

Tonkean is a pioneering process orchestration platform that helps enterprise internal service teams, such as procurement and legal, create effective process experiences. Tonkean enables the creation of personalized processes for each requester and uses AI to automate the intake, triage, and resolution of requests. With a library of preconfigured process templates and a 100% no-code workflow editor, Tonkean is the preferred orchestration platform for many Fortune 500 companies. Tonkean ensures compliance through full governance controls while maximizing adoption without any change management or coding. Founded in 2015, Tonkean is headquartered in Palo Alto, with R&D in Tel Aviv.

About PGi

PGi Technology Solutions is a global provider of innovative information technology solutions. PGi focuses on helping clients achieve success through improved customer experiences, reduced operational costs, increased workforce productivity, and the enablement of new business models. Founded in 2011, PGI operates out of Taiwan and Singapore, serving clients worldwide.

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